Dear all,

Please take note of the following arrangements for the rest of Holy Week and Paskha in St Anne’s Church:
Great and Holy Tuesday  23 April: Bridegroom Matins at 6.30 pm
Great and Holy Wednesday 24 April:  Bridegroom Matins at 6.30 pm, followed by the service of Holy Unction.
Great and Holy Thursday 25 April:  Divine Liturgy of St Basil at 9.30 am.    Reading of the Twelve Gospels  6.30 pm.
Great and Holy Friday 26 April:  Vespers and bringing out of the Epitaphion, 3.30 pm.  Matins and procession with the Epitaphion 6.30 pm.
 (Refreshments will be available in St James’ Church Hall between the two services.)
Please do bring flowers for the Epitaphion and for decorating the church for Paskha.
Great and Holy Saturday 27 April:  Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil with Old Testament readings at 9.30 am.
28 April:  Matins of the Resurrection at Midnight, followed by Divine Liturgy.  (No feast in St James’ Church Hall)
Day of the Resurrection, 28 April, Paschal Vespers at 6.30, followed by a bring-and-share Feast in St James’ Church Hall.
Father Patrick Hodson, our Dean, will be coming  to take services on Great and Holy Friday, Great and Holy Saturday, and the Midnight service of the Resurrection.
Wishing everyone a Holy and Blessed Paskha – Christ is Risen!